Sports Day 2018 – A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Carers,

The summer is here and Sports Day approaches again. At Christ Church Primary School we take pride in our Sports Day, prioritising enjoyment and sense of team focus.

Please be reminded that Sports Day is on Friday 22nd June. Parents and carers are invited at 1pm to come and watch their child take part. We ask that parents follow the signs directing them on arrival to the information desks where they will be shown how to find their child. If arriving significantly later than 1pm, this can become problematic. The reserve date for a wet weather plan is Friday 29 June. If the day is particularly hot please provide your child with a sun hat, plenty of water and an application of sun cream before they come to school.

Viewing will take place around the track in order to give children the space to compete. We look forward to seeing you all at Sports Day and hope that the sun will shine!

Individual Award Scheme

We appreciate that many children and parents desire a greater sense of competition and for the last few years we have run an individual award scheme to add a higher level of competition to those who desire it. Children who wish to enter the individual award scheme are required to do an additional sprint prior to sports day to complete their data entry for comparison. Those children will also have all their Sports Day results ranked and displayed with others in their class of the same gender. Please help your child understand that this means they could be ranked last and it will be for public viewing within the class. The 1st place boy and girl in each year (if weather allows all results to be collected as planned) will be presented with a certificate at the end of Sports Day in front of the whole school community.

This year we are allowing parents to come and watch the races as previously advertised but would like parents to appreciate that these races are only a preliminary event and short lived. Your child will only be racing if they have decided to race before the day of the races (in order to compile the data sheets and excel spread sheets) and wish to be competitive.


These times/dates might have to change due to weather.

Year Group


Start Time

  • Year 3, 4, 5, & 6
  • Year 1, 2, & Foundation
  • Monday 18th June 2018
  • Monday 18th June 2018
  • 9.25am
  • 10.55am

If the above days are wet weather days, we will not be able to advise you of when the races will take place, as this will be flexible dependent upon weather conditions.

We understand that parents may wish to take photos of their children during sports day. We ask parents to ensure that if they are taking photos on sports day, they take photos of only their own child and that they do not post their photos on any social media sites.

Many thanks,

Claire Hann-Perkins
Deputy Headteacher