Author Visits for World Book Day 2018

In honour of World Book Week (Thursday 01st March), we were lucky enough to be visited by two brilliant children’s authors. After talking to the pupils in Collective Worship, they went on to provide workshops and sign books. Thank you to Mr. Douglass for organising these events and to FOCCS for providing the opportunity.

Our first guest was Jennifer Killick, a children’s writer known for her Alex Sparrow stories (including ‘Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink’, a book about a super-agent in training who’s trying to work out why all the pupils at school are becoming mysteriously well-behaved). She led Collective Worship on Monday, accompanied by workshops for Years 1, 2, 3, and 4. This involved creating your own superhero and sidekick… complete with amazing powers!

David Solomons then returned to Christ Church on Wednesday. David’s an author and scriptwriter whose work includes ‘My Brother’s a Superhero’. This novel’s about a young comic book fan who missed out on getting superpowers because he “needed a wee”. David talked to Years 5 and 6 before signing copies of his books for them.

Thank you very much to Jennifer and David for coming in – the children had a fantastic time.