Who’s Who

CONTACT US: Get in touch with Jane, Sabrina or Mick at foccschair@gmail.com 


As parents and carers you are all members of FOCCS and are very welcome to attend our committee meetings. Below is a list of the current members of the FOCCS Committee who work really hard to organise events, keep you informed and run our finances:

  • Co-Chair 1: Jane Pengelly
  • Co-Chair 2: Sabrina Goddard
  • Co-Chair 3: Mick Stanger
  • Treasurer: Paula Stanger
  • Vice Treasurer: VACANCY
  • Secretary: VACANCY
  • Newsletter Secretaries: Vicky Brown & Will Garner
  • Cake Day Coordinator: Karen Britton
  • Film Club Organiser: Mari Webster
  • Second Hand Uniform Sales: Jo Boyce and Ella Pick
  • Class Contact Coordinators:  Alison Flindall
  • Easy Fundraising Champion: VACANCY
  • Social Media Secretary: VACANCY

As well as our committee members we have a network of class contacts; volunteers who represent each class in the school and liaise between parents/carers and the class teacher about FOCCS events. They are actively involved in planning and supporting major events and activities at school.  Please click on the link for a complete list of Class Contacts together with their email addresses.

The names of each year group’s class contacts are given below:

Foundation Stage

Louise Luke

Gillian Jones

Eleanor Walker

Cassie Williams

Year 1
Caroline Bowater
Jenn Taylor
Mary Connolly

Nick McGrogan

Year 2
Michelle Rogerson
Aylene Rogers
Lisa Carey
Lizzy Swann-Price

Hannah Wilson

Year 3
Vicky Brown
Steph Gan
Sabrina Goddard
Alex Pugh
Charlotte Squire

Year 4
Clare Beaumont
Emily Critchley
Kate Thouless
Kerri Miles

Year 5
Beverly Belza
Helen Fuggle
Susannah Brazeley
Michelle Rogerson

Year 6
Melanie Nicholas
Nicky Couch
Alison Flindall

Lucy Fuller