Clubs and Music

School Clubs

The school runs a large number of clubs for children of all ages both during school time and after school. Some clubs are free but for others a small charge is made. There are a variety of clubs providing children with additional opportunities in music, arts and sports as well as our ‘Lighting the Candle’ lunch time club. To find out more please click on the link.

Individual music lessons on a range of instruments can be arranged with County teachers or private teachers. In addition, the school runs its own orchestra and choirs which participate in competitions and support the school and community at a range of local events. To find out more please follow the link to our ‘Music’ page.

In addition, we offer a range of school clubs covering different sports and arts. These clubs are run either by school staff, who give up their time voluntarily, or by instructors from outside of school.

Clubs are very popular and often have to be restricted to certain age groups and/or a maximum number and, in consultation with parents it was agreed that a charge would be made for clubs to enable us to extend the range available and make them accessible to a greater number of children.

Again, to find out more information on the range of clubs that are available both during and after school, please follow the link.

We have also put together a list of local clubs for your information. This list is not exhaustive and if there are any others that you think parents and carers would like to know about, please do contact us so that we can include them.