Radio Station

Testing, testing… is this thing on? Welcome to our very own radio station, put together and run by the children themselves. You can see the episodes they’ve made down below or by clicking here to visit our Soundcloud page.

A big thank you must go to FOCCS for raising the money that purchased our brand-new kit. Find out more about the amazing work that FOCCS do by clicking right here.

You can email any requests or shout-outs for our next show on 

The children would love to hear from you!

Episode 16


Help Foundation find their lost penguins!

Episode 15


On todays show we have an interview with one of the digital leaders, learning from around the school a sports report and much more. Our new team radio are doing a fantastic job.

Episode 14


Happy New Year!

We start 2018 with a new radio team, trained by our fantastic expert team from last term. Here is the first show of the term and 2018

For photos of the new team being trained look in the photo gallery

Episode# 13


Our last show of the term and the last show with this radio crew. Thank you and well done to this fantastic team of radio presenters.

Episode #12


Another fantastic show. It was open afternoon so we were visited by lots of parents today while we were writing the show.

Christmas Fair Special

We apologies if you were at the fair today and were unable to listen to the show. We had a few technical issues with the Wifi dropping in and out.


Episode #11


It is the first of December and Christmas has hit the radio show.

A Special 5AH Space Show

To show off their learning about space, 5AH have created this great radio show!


Episode #10

What a brilliant show with our new radio team! Make sure you let us know what you think in the comments section – the children would love to hear from you.

Episode #9

A great show with our new team of radio children, not to mention some learning from around the school and Children in Need!

Episode #8



Our special Remembrance show with some very special messages.

Episode #7

A new term brings a new radio crew… Well done for your first show, everyone!

Our experienced radio team from the last 6 episodes trained an all-new group of children to produce shows this term; it was great seeing them help and support each other. They’ve done a great job, as I’m sure you will agree.

Episode #6

Welcome back to another great episode by the radio team. Tune in for an adorable poem from Year 1, a Year 6 comedy show, and a whole lot more!

Episode #5

Another amazing show that was designed and written by the children! Tune in to hear some Foundations on the radio for the very first time. They’ll tell us why they’re special, and what makes them marvelous…

Episode #4

We’re back for another amazing show from our radio team, but this time we’ve got a couple of new voices to listen to. Tune in to hear some great poems and lots of interesting animal facts form Year 2!

A Special 6JD Superhero Show

To tie in with their class Collective Worship, 6JD got their heads together and recorded an entire show using our radio station. This one-off episode was all about superheroes and derring-do.

Episode #3

It’s great to be back for another episode of our radio show; the children have become even more confident with hosting this week. They should be really proud of themselves for all the progress they’ve made.

Speaking of which, we’ve got some memorable poetry coming your way… are you sitting comfortably? The children did a fantastic job.

Episode #2

Interviewing Kev F. for Episode #2

Year 6 had the pleasure of interviewing freelance cartoonist Kev F. Sutherland for Episode #2 of our radio show. As an industry veteran with comics like The Beano, 2000 AD, and Doctor Strange under his belt, Kev was able to give us a masterclass on drawing! He also had some great advice for those wanting to get into an art career.

Well done to Ollie for holding such a great interview and to the children for their brilliant questions. Take a look at how we got on below.

Episode #1

Launching Our Very Own Radio Station

On Thursday 07th September, we launched Christ Church Primary School Radio Station. We have had great fun recording our very first show and learning all about how to use the equipment. Here are some photos of our learning.

Thank you to Russell for all his help setting things up and teaching us what to do!