The KS1 Nativity – a Parent’s Review

The children in KS1 have been working incredibly hard on the Nativity that many of you saw earlier this week, so it’s wonderful for them to be getting such amazing feedback. If you didn’t manage to watch it, here’s a lovely review by our Foundation Governor Sabine Purshouse (many thanks, Sabine!):

“What an amazing show!  In this heart-warming story a lonely Babushka from Russia gave shelter to the Three Kings with strong-willed camels and then followed them on their journey to Bethlehem, where she got to hold the baby Jesus in her arms.

This story was presented by a series of narrators skilfully taking turns with the microphone, a number of great jazzy songs excellently performed with movements, and some brilliant little acting numbers.

There was a grand parade of toys around the room in their fabulous costumes and hats: pretty dolls, cuddly teddy bears, and soldiers with shiny buttons on their hats. They were marching to the tune of “Look at me” sung with great clarity by the chorus. Well, they were spectacular to look at and to listen to!

The audience felt really sorry for Mary and Joseph as they tried to find somewhere to stay and knocked on a few doors – with the wood-block players expertly providing the sound effects. The inn-keepers were very convincing with their gruff answers while the choir sang, “There isn’t any room for strangers”.

The stable for Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus was everything we expect of a perfect Nativity. The angels were splendid, all the shepherds with their large flock of sheep arrived on the stage after an impressive march around the room, and the Three Kings looked very distinguished. The shepherds presenting toys to Jesus was a very nice touch.

When we saw Babushka again, there was a moment of confusion: should she help the poor shepherd first or the crying girl or the woman who couldn’t walk? All three were very believable! But like true professionals the performers managed to ‘stay calm and carry on’. And all was well in the end.

It was a star-studded show, from the shiny decoration on the curtains, to the splendid star that visited Babushka at the beginning and all the actors and actresses great and small as the story unfolded.

Congratulations are also due to all the teachers who had ingenious ideas for costumes, head-dresses, stage sets, choreography and all the other details that made this a most enjoyable event”.