Learning Environment

“Pupils come to school eager to learn and they get down to work immediately… [they] are keen to take part in all activities and demonstrate consistently positive attitudes to their learning.” (OFSTED 2014)

Our aim at Christ Church is to provide a stimulating and creative learning environment where children feel safe but well supported in all aspects of their learning.

Our ‘learning hand’ (visible to the right if viewing this page on a desktop computer) is a constant reminder of that, and it includes the following values:


We celebrate children’s learning by awarding gold stars for following the Golden Rules. Gold stars contribute to house points and ‘House Days’ where we celebrate working together as a community. There are also systems within each phase of the school where children earn rewards for work, including ‘Writer of the Week’ and the collection of rainbows, pots of gold or marbles. In addition, our classrooms are adorned with quality work. Furthermore, we are proud to share and celebrate the children’s achievements in music, team and individual sports both in and out of school.


The school has a large site with extensive grounds which are designed to support children’s learning: the woods, our ‘Place of Peace’, the ICT suite, French room, music room and our classrooms are exciting and stimulating places to be. We aim to encourage children to develop skills as independent and collaborative learners, so our environment has been organised with this in mind.


We have high expectations for ourselves and our children in our behaviour, attitudes and cognition. These link to our our rights and responsibilities as members of our school community and directly to our Golden Rules.


To enrich academic work, our approach to the curriculum places great emphasis on ‘experiential’ learning. Therefore, we give children as many opportunities as possible to learn outside the classroom and through first-hand experience. Such opportunities have included ‘welly-walks’ in the school grounds, visits by the ‘Space Dome’, our own Egyptian Museum, participation in enterprise projects, trips to the Roman Baths, Avebury and Bristol Zoo as well as having rocks from the Moon visit us! The school is also proud of its extensive musical opportunities for pupils. These range from learning how to play an instrument or sing in a choir to taking part in the Somerset Music Festival, singing in the church or at local community events. Children also have a chance to take part in the many after school clubs we offer such as football, netball, ICT, chess, wet felt and pottery. We organise a smaller range of clubs during the school day as well (including collective worship, science and maths). During the milder months of the year, we also run lunchtime clubs offering a variety of sports such as boys and girls football, tag rugby, netball and basketball. Additionally, competitive sports teams represent the school at local competitions in football, tag rugby, swimming and netball. Moreover, there are opportunities for many different year groups to take part in non-competitive festivals throughout the year.


Children are encouraged to be independent learners but are provided with the support and encouragement they need by those adults who work with them (not to mention their classroom resources or environment). Because we believe that learning does not just take place at school, we also provide support for parents and carers to help children learn at home.

“Pupils work hard and concentrate of the tasks given and are keen to complete them to the best of their ability… They speak with much pride about their school.” (OFSTED 2014)