Pupil & Sports Premium

The way that pupil premium funds have been used has proved successful in boosting the progress of eligible individuals …” (OFSTED 2014)

The Pupil Premium is a source of additional funding which is passed straight to schools with the aim of addressing the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals and their peers. The amount of funding that the school receives is directly related to the number of children who are eligible for free school meals.

Even if your child is in the Foundation Stage or Key Stage 1 (where they automatically receive free school meals), it is important that you still apply as this will attract additional funding to support your child’s learning. Please contact the school office for further information if you believe that you are eligible.

It is for schools to decide how they use their Pupil Premium funding because the Government believes that schools are best placed to do so. However, we are required to report how it’s been used for the last school year and the way in which we intend to use it during the current one. That information is displayed below.

Pupil Premium Allocation and Expenditure

You will find information regarding Pupil Premium for the last two academic years below. For the most recent Pupil Premium strategy statement, please click on the following link:

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement (2016-17) 


This academic year the grant is £47,520 and will be allocated to maintain the priority for welfare support through the Child and Family Support Worker and Emotional Literacy Support Learning Support Assistant. We will also be focusing on the Interventions used through the Inclusion team. In addition, we have introduced a member of the Senior Leadership Team as a disadvantaged lead who will focus on engaging with parents. Finally, we will continue to subsidise residential trips and other excursions.


For 2015/16, Christ Church CE VC Primary was allocated £70,140 for those pupils who were recognised as qualifying for Pupil Premium. In response to an audit of disadvantaged children’s needs and barriers to learning, the grant has been assigned to various initiatives and other means of support in order to improve pupil outcomes, bolster emotional development and strengthen parent/carer engagement.

The funding has been allocated to the following:

  • Proportion of funding for Learning Support Assistants working directly with disadvantaged learners in classrooms
  • Proportion of funding for Learning Support Assistants working with targeted intervention groups
  • Proportion of funding for Child and Family Support Worker who provides support and training for parents alongside support and guidance for disadvantaged learners
  • Proportion of funding for Emotional Literacy Support
  • Subsidising school trips including Year 6 residential for disadvantaged learners
  • Purchase of learning resources
  • Purchase and provision of school uniform

The school recognises that the progress and attainment in mathematics at KS2 is not as strong. The focus of the 2016-2017 school improvement plan will therefore be to ‘accelerate the progress of our disadvantaged learners, particularly in mathematics’

The impact data for 2015/2016 will not be available until November 2016.


The allocation for pupil premium this academic year has risen due to the government increasing the rate of the per-capita funding. The school will receive a total grant of £67,400 and we plan to use that funding to continue the work of the Child and Family Support Worker and the Inclusion Team. We will also increase the individual 1:1 in-class support for English and mathematics through the work of our LSAs.

Throughout the year the school will continue to audit the needs of these children and adjust provision accordingly.

The impact of this at the end of KS2 was as follows:

Percentage of Pupil Premium children achieving expected progress (School) Percentage of Pupil Premium children achieving expected progress (National) Percentage of Pupil Premium children achieving more than expected progress (School) Percentage of Pupil Premium children achieving more than expected progress (National)
Reading 100% 92% 38% 33%
Writing 100% 95% 31% 37%
Maths 62% 91% 0 37%

Sports Premium

As a legacy of the Olympic Games, the government has made available additional funding for 3 academic years from September 2013 until July 2016. The aim of this is to increase participation in sports.

The grant which Christ Church received has been pooled along with our cluster schools to support a sports partnership. As a result, this has enabled the schools to jointly employ a specialist sports teacher to work in every school. This teacher organises sports events and festivals to encourage participation and inter-school involvement. In addition, they work alongside class teachers to model good practice.

The impact of this funding has resulted in an improved quality of PE teaching and greater participation in many sporting/team events. Accordingly, the school will continue to monitor the impact of the Sports Premium grant.

You can see upcoming tournaments and events below, not to mention any results from said events.

Netball High Five Tournament

  • Who: Years 5 and 6
  • When: 3.30pm, Wednesday 01st March 2017
  • Where: St. Laurence

Year 5 and 6 played two teams during round one on 1st March at Fitzmaurice School. The Year 6 team went through to round 2 – well done to them!

In round 2 we came 4th out of 12 teams, so it’s really something to be proud of. Excellent work everyone!