Events & Meetings


Below is a list of the events that have already been planned from September 2018,  To find out more information about each event, click on the link.  For those events that are taking place later in the year, further details will follow and will also be available in future FOCCS Newsletters.


FOCCS Christmas Fundraiser

Second Hand Uniform Sales

FOCCS hold regular second hand uniform sales. Prices for all Christ Church logo T-shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, and PE Kit are just £2.00. Fleeces start at £4.00 and plain grey trousers, shorts, skirts etc from 20 pence.

Currently not taking any uniform donations.

You can find out more by clicking here.

Future Dates:

Cake Days (Currently not running due to COVID-19)

Throughout the year we hold ‘Cake Days’ on a Friday which provide parents and carers with the opportunity to get together over a cup of team and, at the same time, raise some additional funds. We have a rota in place for the year as a different year group provides the cakes each week.  Please have a look at our Cake Day rota below!For more detailed information on why and how the ‘Cake Days’ are run, including timings and location, please click on the link.

The full cake day rota for the year has arrived! Please check below for the dates for your year(s) – your class contacts will also have the list and I’m sure they’ll be reminding you when your sale is coming due. Cake Sale profits go to the year running the sale and so benefit your children directly – they are often used to subsidise outings making them more affordable for everyone.
There are two “all school” days on the list – the weekends of the Christmas and May Fayres cake contributions are for the Fayre and there won’t be a Friday cake sale.
Thank you,
Liz Foot (Poppy, Yr 5)