Who’s Who

As parents and carers, you are all members of FOCCS! Because of this, you’re very welcome to attend our committee meetings.

Below is a list of the current members of the FOCCS Committee who work really hard to organise events, keep you informed and run our finances.


Class Contacts

As well as our committee members, we have a network of class contacts. These are volunteers who represent each class in the school. They liaise between parents/carers and the class teacher about FOCCS events. They are actively involved in planning and supporting major events and activities at school. Please click on the following link for a complete list of Class Contacts together with their email addresses.

The names of each year group’s class contacts are given below:

  • Foundation: Gan Shermer, Rachel Acres, Rachael Courage, Agnes Mason
  • Year 1: Laurinda Bellew, Gillian Jones, Eleanor Walker, Emma Darling
  • Year 2: Caroline Bowater, Jenn Taylor, Mary Connolly, Nick McGrogan
  • Year 3: Michelle Rogerson, Aylene Rogers, Lisa Carey, Lizzy Swann-Price, Hannah Wilson
  • Year 4: Alexandra Pugh, Charlotte Squire, Sabrina Goddard, Steph Gan, Vicky Brown
  • Year 5: Clare Belmont, Emily Critchley, Kate Thouless, Kerri Miles
  • Year 6: Beverley Belza, Helen Fuggle, Susannah Brazeley, Michelle Rogerson