School Clubs

We run a large number of clubs for all Christ Church children, both during and after school; they provide additional opportunities for everyone regardless of skill-level. With a variety of activities available in music, arts, and sports, it’s a chance to hone abilities or pursue their interests. These clubs are run by school staff (who give up their time voluntarily) or external instructors.

Clubs are very popular and must often be restricted to certain age groups and/or a maximum number. In consultation with parents, it was also agreed that a charge would be made for clubs to enable us to extend the range available and make them accessible to a greater number of children.

Please stand by to see the clubs we’re currently running; these will be updated shortly.

Detailed information regarding those clubs for which a place must be reserved is sent home with children at the beginning of Terms 1, 3 and 5; they run for 2 terms. Whilst they may vary from time to time, you can get an idea of the range by clicking on the link for the current timetable below.

You are required to complete a medical form and return it to the school office with your application form and payment in advance. Please note that if your child is in receipt of free school meals, we are able to offer you a discount on the full price. Please make sure that you read and understand ourTerms and Conditions’, especially your responsibility to report any absences from After School Clubs and the charge that will be imposed should you fail to inform us.

Joelle Basconnet-Ward handles the administration of all these clubs. She works between 11.45am and 4.45pm each day.