Writing is a vital part of the Christ Church curriculum in Foundation, KS1 and KS2. Besides strengthening literacy skill and an understanding of grammar, this also encourages your child to explore their own creativity. We do so through engaging topic work, fun challenges, and ‘Big Writes’ that allow their imaginations to run wild.

You can see an example of the things we get up to in school below.

Read the Winning Short Story Entries

With the votes counted and tricky decisions made, we’ve finally settled on winners for our short story competition. Congratulations to Mae, Barney, Thomas, Emily, Nell and Max! Your prizes were incredibly well deserved.

It was a tough choice because there was a stack of fantastic writing to choose from, but this goes to show how many authors-in-the-making we’ve got at Christ Church. Well done to you all.

You can see the winning entries from KS1 and KS2 below. Simply click on the relevant link for the full story or visit our gallery page by clicking here.

The Terror of the Titanic

By Mae (Overall Winner and Winner of Year 3/4 Girls)

A splash, a scream, an echo. That’s all the noises I heard that day. That dreadful day when I bumped my head. It all started when my school went to the swimming pool. There was a new girl – called Cathie. Anyway, she was crowded by all the other girls in my class and they were asking her all kinds of questions, some really rude. I could tell Cathie didn’t like it so I tried to pull her out of the way. Suddenly, someone pushed me away.

“Go away Lola!” snarled one.

“Yeah, what she said,” sneered another.

They crowded round Cathie so I couldn’t see her anymore. I was cross at the other girls but I was crosser at myself, that I wasn’t able to help. I had to get away. I started swimming to the deep end…

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The Three Little Worms and the Big Bad Mole

By Thomas (Winner: KS1 Boys)

Once upon a time there were three little worms. Early one morning the mother worm decided it was time for her three worms to leave home. The three little worms set out into the world. They decided to build their own house and have a peaceful, happy life.

The first little worm met a man carrying a pile of mud, the second little worm met a man carrying a ball of straw and the third little worm met a man carrying a pile of stones.

Unfortunately, along came a big, bad mole to the house of mud. The mole’s eyes opened wide as he came up with a plan…

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A Hunt in the Forest

By Emily (Winner: KS1 Girls)

I was once told never to go near the one and only window in the house.

One rainy day, I walked solemnly to the window, my heart was beating fast. My fingers touched the glass and they slipped down in slow motion. It felt like my heart was cracking in sadness when I realised that my sister and my mum had been put under a spell in the forest and they were lying at my front door and not moving. They had gone out to find blackberries for our pie. I didn’t know what to do with them. They were just lying there.

One sunny day I decided to help them so I went outside into my shed and took out my father’s sharp, solid sword and a metal shield…

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Elvis Dumbledoor and the Missing Musical Notes

By Max (Winner: Year 3/4 Boys)

Once there lived a man called Elvis Dumbledoor. Elvis Dumbledoor worked in a circus in London. He was a magical singer and played the dumdidereedoo that made mini clouds when you blew into it. Musical notes would come out of the dumdidereedoo and if they hit people then the clouds would rain on them.

One afternoon, Elvis Dumbledoor had lost his musical notes so he set off to find them. He knew who had stolen all his musical notes… THE GANGSTERS!!! So he set off with dynamite, a lasso, his ultimate Nerf Gun and a cunning plan…

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The Diary of Barry Banana

By Nell (Winner: Year 5/6 Girls)

Day 1: Hello, my name is Barry and, yes, I am a banana but does that really matter? No, no it doesn’t and I am fed up being discriminated against. If you think bananas are incapable then put this diary down right now!

Today, I just chilled out in the Sainsbury’s fruit and veg section with my best friend of all time; Billy. Days with Billy make the arrogant tomatoes in the section next door bearable (but only just!) Sadly, no-one has bought me nor Billy and I was hoping that I would only be here a couple of days but so far that doesn’t seem possible.

Day 2: This day was probably the worst day imaginable for a humble banana like myself…

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The Shameful Raven

By Barney (Winner: Year 5/6 Boys)

As the rain gushed down on his wings, he could feel his head throbbing and his eyes narrowing until all he could see was the light that had guided him all this way. But, still he clung on to the scroll. That light was the moon and he was a raven called Kangju and his job was to deliver a message. Ravens have been mailing letters since the dawn of time so not delivering one would give you a fate worse than death. You would be banished from raven life and sent to live as an outcast. If you were to ever set foot on the raven’s land then destruction would come to you and your home.

As Kangju flew over the raging sea, which was as stormy as any enraged sea can be, seawater sprayed in his eyes and waves crashed behind him as screams echoed in the murky night air…

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