Key Stage 1

“Standards have improved and are above average in reading and mathematics at the end of Key Stage 1.” (OFSTED 2014)

KS1 incorporates Years 1 and 2 and involves the children in study of all the National Curriculum subjects as well as RE and a modern foreign language. Mathematics and some aspects of English are taught as distinct subjects but teaching of many of the other subjects is combined into ‘topics’. Teaching through topics enlivens the children’s learning, enables cross-curricular links and is a sound basis for the ELLI approach described in more detail in our Prospectus. During their final three terms in Year 2, the children are assessed by their teacher in English (reading and writing), mathematics and science and by national tests in reading, writing and mathematics, the results of which are reported to parents and carers. Near the end of Year 1 children are also tested in their knowledge of phonics. For some this test is repeated again in Year 2.

In order to inform and support parents and carers, we have produced a range of handbooks to explain what your child will be taught in the key subjects of maths and English (writing, reading, grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary) together with advice on you can help your child when working with them at home.

To download and/or read copies of the booklets relating to your child’s year group, please click on the link to their year group page and then download the documents from there:

Each term we will send out ‘Curriculum Newsletters’ to inform parents and carers of the learning that will be going on in their child’s class during that term. These newsletters can also be downloaded by clicking on the link.

To find out more about the National Curriculum and the assessment process, please click on the related links.