“The Inclusion Hub is well led and provides highly successful ways to make sure that all pupils have the utmost nurture and care… [it] offers outstanding help for those pupils who have special educational needs related to behaviour and, as a result, they learn to manage their emotions and behave well in their lessons.” (OFSTED 2014)

“…..justifiably proud of the work of the ‘learning lodge’ and inclusion team, improving academic performance and social and emotional needs. 

At Christ Church Primary School we strongly support the principles of inclusion by ensuring that all children in the school – whatever their ability or disability, race, gender, or religion – are offered the same opportunities. We also encourage every child to be actively involved in playing a full and positive role in the classroom with their peers and to gain a real sense of achievement.

In addition, pupil progress is tracked very carefully on entry and throughout the school. Early identification of any problem helps to ensure that appropriate support and interventions are put in place. This means that all learners are able to access education at an appropriate level.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

Inclusion in education has, until recently, been limited to ensuring that children with special educational needs and disabilities be properly provided for within a mainstream school. Here at Christ Church we believe that inclusion extends far beyond just those children with special educational needs; we feel it should apply equally to those whose first language may not be English, those from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, children with a range of disabilities, and those of different religions. Mainstream schools are not necessarily always the best place for all children to be, but we will do our very best to ensure that those children who attend our school thrive.

To find out more about our approach to children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), simply click on the following link:

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Equality at Christ Church

Within the Christian ethos of our school, we encourage our children not only to accept and tolerate differences but to celebrate them and support each other in many different ways. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and will handle any such discrimination in a firm, fair manner.

Because of this, we take our legal obligations under the Equality Act (2010) very seriously. As part of that legal obligation, we publish our ‘Equality Objectives’ that are compiled from information gathered from children, parents, and carers. To read our current objectives, please click on the link below.