Able, Gifted and Talented

In their document entitled ‘Effective provision for gifted and talented children in primary education’ (2008),the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF – now Department for Education), define gifted and talented children as:

“Children and young people with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop those abilities).”

And that:

“Gifted and talented pupils are first and foremost children, and much of what they need is exactly the same as for other children. They need challenge and support, expectations of appropriate behaviour and recognition of every kind of ability.”

As a school we have a culture of high expectations of all our pupils and we aim to provide all of them with the right opportunities and the correct level of support and encouragement to help them to develop a desire to learn and to achieve as much as possible. We present them with work that challenges, stretches and excites them on a daily basis, in a supportive environment that celebrates excellence. Whilst we believe that literacy and numeracy are the gateways to attainment, we also believe that we have a responsibility to offer all children a broad and balanced curriculum which excites and challenges them and stimulates enquiry, reflecting the ELLI principles endorsed by our school. We also believe that children should be encouraged to take risks and understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process. We endeavour to balance the needs of the gifted, talented and extremely able child against the provision of equality of opportunity all.

Some children at certain stages of their education may perform significantly ahead of expectations of their year group. Our assessment and tracking systems enable us to recognise when this occurs and to monitor the child’s continual progress.

We believe in providing appropriate challenge within the broad curriculum of the school, the emphasis being on enrichment rather than acceleration. We believe that the social and emotional growth of pupils must be encouraged alongside the development of their academic and practical abilities.

The vast majority of children can be supported within the classroom through our teaching approach, which is based on the need to provide for a wide range of abilities and needs. However, exceptional talent in sport or music for example may indicate the need to participate in external training or other activities during the school day. In such cases, parents should contact the head teacher or the member of staff responsible for gifted and talented provision to discuss this.

If you have any specific queries or concerns regarding your child, please talk to your child’s class teacher in the first instance.