Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

“Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs across the school make good progress from their starting points… Equal opportunities for different groups of pupils are promoted well and the school does not tolerate any form of discrimination.”  

(OFSTED 2014)

Children sometimes need additional or specialist support during their school life to help them make progress. This is where the Inclusion team comes in, and we are very proud of the work they do; following a recent Local Authority audit, our provision for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) was graded ‘Outstanding’.

Our system of informal and formal assessment and our pupil tracking data enable us to quickly identify where there is cause for concern regarding a child’s progress. Christ Church’s SEN policy and Local Offer sets out the step-by-step processes involved when supporting children with Special Educational Needs, and every stage involves consultation with parents and our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo). In addition, we employ several specialist Learning Support Assistants who are trained to work specifically with children who have special needs.

Our SENCo’s contact details can be found below:

Because SEND provision has altered as a result of changes to central government legislation and funding (you can find out more in the ‘Related Links’ section of this page), we have produced a new and very comprehensive policy that is clearly outlined in our ‘Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Information Report and Policy.’ We also produce an information leaflet about SEND for parents/carers. Simply click on the relevant link below to see them. Alternatively, hard copies of both can be obtained from the school office.

If you have any queries, Nicola can be contacted either by telephone via the School Office or by email on senco@christchurch.wilts.sch.uk.