Radio Station

Welcome to our very own radio station, put together and run by the children themselves! You can see the episodes they’ve made below or by clicking here to visit our Soundcloud page. A big thank you to FOCCS for raising the money that bought our brand new kit!

You can email any requests or shout-outs for our next show on The children would love to hear from you!

Welcome to Christ Church Primary School Radio!

4CW- Class show 2019

A brilliant example of a class radio show. Year 4 not only shared their amazing learning from both terms 1 and 2, but also were really good at the technical side of the radio.


Episode 6

New team for a new term!. Great first show everyone.


Episode 5

The last show of the term. Well done to this term’s radio team, you have been brilliant.


Episode 4




Come with us on an adventure of a life time. Blasting off on an incredible journey into space.


4DH- 2019

Jump on the 4DH train ride to impossible places.


Episode 3

Catch up on all the latest school news in this weeks radio show.


Episode 2

Another great show for your to tune and listen this week. Find out what year 5 and year 1 have been doing in their topic, find out about the latest sports, news, weather as well as some exciting fun facts. Don’t forget to email the show with any shout outs or messages you would like to share with the school. Our email address is


Episode 1 -September 2019

Welcome back to a new year of radio at Christ Church Primary School. We have a fantastic new team of radio presenters that have been working hard today to produce their first show of term 1. Tune in and listen to what they have to say.