Year 1

“Pupils are taught to work together and develop very good teamwork skills. Alongside the confident way in which they apply their good basic skills in different contexts, this ensures that they are exceptionally well prepared for their futures.”

(OFSTED 2010)

Year 1 eases children into the National Curriculum whilst continuing to develop their social, emotional, and personal well-being. This means getting involved with all the National Curriculum subjects, including RE and a modern foreign language.

Although maths (and some aspects of English) will be taught as distinct subjects, many of the others are combined into ‘topics’. Teaching through topics enlivens the children’s learning. It also enables cross-curricular links and is a sound basis for creativity, resilience, and curiosity.

Class Teachers (From Sept 2019)

Year 1 is divided into two classes – Badgers and Owls. Both groups are led by a team of experienced and friendly teachers, including:

  • Mrs Sarah Perry (Badger class teacher)
  • Miss Sarah Brown (Badger class teacher)
  • Mrs Gwen Abbott (Owl class teacher)

Learning Support Assistants

What’s more, each class is joined by a group of skilled LSAs to support your child:

  • Mrs Sally Mather
  • Mrs Alexi Hayward
  • Mrs Rachel Jones

Please Note: At the beginning of each term you’ll be sent a Curriculum Newsletter which provides more information regarding the things our year group will cover (not to mention any other important details).

Curriculum Newsletters

Other Information

To read our Curriculum Newsletter for each term, please click on the appropriate link below:

Click on the following links to read our information leaflets on English and Maths:


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