Year 2

“Pupils say they feel safe in school and parents and carers and staff agree that this is a strong aspect of the schools work”

(OFSTED 2018)

“Pupils feel very safe at school because of the excellent way they are looked after. Leaders, including those who work in the Inclusion Hub, place the greatest importance on knowing every pupil well. They implement robust systems to keep all pupils safe, especially the most vulnerable.”

(OFSTED 2014)

Year 2 prepares children for the next stage of their school life by merging National Curriculum subjects with a range of unique topics that will enrich their learning. Furthermore, both classes lead our KS1 Nativity in December to encourage confidence and cooperation. This goes hand-in-hand with a continued emphasis on the development of your child’s social literacy and emotional well-being.

During their final three terms, the children are assessed by their teachers in English, Mathematics, and Science via national tests. This involves reading and writing as well as numeracy. These results are then reported to parents.

Class Teachers

Year 2 is divided into two classes – Rabbits and Woodpeckers. Both are led by highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers, including:

  • Mrs Stacey Farrell (Woodpecker class teacher)
  • Mrs Sue Giles (Woodpecker class teacher)
  • Miss Sarah Brown (Rabbit class teacher)

Learning Support Assistants

Additionally, Year 2 classes are joined by experienced LSAs to support your child:

  • Mrs Sara Owen
  • Mrs Alexi Hayward


  • Please Note: At the beginning of each term you’ll be sent a Curriculum Newsletter which provides more information regarding the things our year group will cover (not to mention any other important details).

Curriculum Newsletters

Other Information

To read our Curriculum Newsletter for each term, please click on the appropriate link below:

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