Year 3

“Pupils are thoughtful, extremely well-mannered and considerate towards others. They are proud of their school [and] feel very safe at school because of the excellent way they are looked after…

(OFSTED  2014)

Your child will discover more about the world, history, science, and themselves as they are eased into KS2; Year 3 continues their study of the National Curriculum in greater depth.

More teaching at this stage takes place in traditional subjects, but topics remain an important part of our practice nonetheless. This is because we strongly believe that the cross-curricular approach helps children make connections and apply their learning. In addition, doing so allows us to further their curiosity whilst enhancing resilience.

Class Teachers

Year 3 is divided into two classes – 3CSLM and 3MB. Both groups are led by experienced and dynamic teachers, including:

  • Mrs Leigh Matthews (3CSLM class teacher)
  • Mrs Claire Steggall (CSLM class teacher)
  • Mr Mark Birleson (3MB class teacher)

Learning Support Assistants

In addition, Year 3 classes are joined by skilled LSAs to support your child:

  • Mrs Helen Little
  • Mrs Lauren Kielb

Please Note: At the beginning of each term you’ll be sent a Curriculum Newsletter which provides more information regarding the things our year group will cover (not to mention any other important details).

Curriculum Newsletters

Other Information

To read our Curriculum Newsletter for each term, please click on the appropriate link

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