Year 6

“Pupils enjoy a rich and exciting curriculum which supports their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well and is beginning to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain.” 

(OFSTED 2014)

Our goal in Year 6 is to prepare children for secondary school and beyond as they enter the last leg of their primary education. As before, your child will further their understanding in the National Curriculum subjects (including RE and a modern foreign language). However, they will also get the chance to go on a residential trip and take part in a play that showcases their teamwork, individual talent, and creativity.

Additionally, May sees a combination of teacher assessment and national tests in English and maths. The results are then reported to parents.

As the eldest children in school, Year 6 are role models who are often looked up to. Besides helping the younger members of our community, they carry out important jobs as well (such as handing out dinner registers or supporting Collective Worship). This strengthens their independence.

Class Teachers

Year 6 is divided into two classes – 6AH and 6JD. Both are led by skilled and knowledgeable teachers, including:

  • Mr Jonathon Douglass (6JD class teacher)
  • Miss Alice Howick (6AH class teacher)

Learning Support Assistants

Moreover, Year 6 classes enjoy the help of highly experienced LSAs:


  • Mrs Rachel Wallis
  • Mrs Kim Single-Bloom

Please Note: At the beginning of each term you’ll be sent a Curriculum Newsletter which provides more information regarding the things our year group will cover (not to mention any other important details).

Curriculum Newsletters

Other Information

To read our Curriculum Newsletter for each term, please click on the appropriate link below:

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