Learning Environment

“Pupils are welcoming and polite, bullying is rare”

(OFSTED 2018)

“Pupils come to school eager to learn and they get down to work immediately… [they] are keen to take part in all activities and demonstrate consistently positive attitudes to their learning.” (OFSTED 2014)

Our aim at Christ Church is to provide a stimulating, creative learning environment where children feel safe and well-supported in all aspects of their learning. Our ‘learning hand’ (visible to the right if viewing this page on desktop computer) is a constant reminder of that; it features values we live and work by. These include:


We celebrate children’s learning in a variety of ways; one example would be awarding gold stars for following our Golden Rules. These promote considerate behaviour, honesty, conscientiousness, and respect. Gold stars also contribute to ‘House Points’ that are tallied up at the end of each term. The House that earns the highest score will win our coveted House Cup! You can see how each House is doing at the bottom of our Homepage.

Christ Church recognises achievement through ‘House Days’, too. These see us working together as part of a community on team-building projects that everyone in school can benefit from.

Other examples of celebration include ‘Writer of the Week’, a rainbow reward system, ‘pots of gold’ certificates, marbles, and decorating classrooms with quality work.


The school has extensive grounds that are designed to support, enhance, and enrich children’s learning. Calming woods provide the opportunity for nature walks, while large fields that run from one end of Christ Church to another are ideal for team games. What’s more, our ‘Place of Peace’ (a hand-painted seating area circled by trees and plant-life) provides an opportunity to reflect.

Our indoor environment has been organised to encourage the development of independent, collaborative learning. The classrooms (including a fully-equipped ICT suite, French room, Music room, and more) epitomise this. They’re stimulating spaces where children will feel safe enough to test their boundaries.


We have high expectations for ourselves and the children regarding behaviour, attitudes, and cognition. These tie in with our school values and rights and responsibilities as members of the school community. For instance, we place a great deal of emphasis on mutual respect to make sure everyone feels welcome.

These expectations also inform our Golden Rules, which are as follows:

We will treat each other with respect by:

being friendly and forgiving;

showing compassion and consideration;

being thankful for our environment;

and, being honest and truthful.


To enrich academic work, our approach to the curriculum places great emphasis on ‘experiential’ learning. We therefore give children a wealth of opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and through first-hand experience. This includes running our own radio station, author visits, performances at the O2 Arena, ‘welly-walks’ in school, enterprise projects, various trips, and special guests. We once had rocks from the moon drop by!

In addition, we’re proud of the extensive musical opportunities we can offer. These range from learning how to play an instrument to taking part in the Somerset Music Festival.

Children can get involved with our many after school clubs, too. Pupils are able to try tag rugby, football training, ICT club, pottery, and more on a weekly basis. There are regular competitive and non-competitive events to sign up for as well.


Although the children are encouraged to be independent learners, they’re still provided with all the help and encouragement they could need by the adults who work with them.

We also support parents and carers in helping children learn at home; this is because we believe that learning does not just take place at school.