Christ Church Primary School promotes a sense of belonging for pupils and staff alike. Our focus on experiences over absolute achievement develops curiosity, creativity, reflection, resilience and learning skills which all serve to underpin Christ Church’s success.

Our school has approximately 430 children on role and we cater for pupils aged from 4 to 11. Our students are currently divided into two classes for each year group from Foundation Stage up to Year 6. It is very important to us that all children in every cohort are offered the same opportunities and experiences; to this end, staff who teach them plan and work very closely together to ensure consistency and equality of opportunity.

These class teachers are supported by hardworking Learning Support Assistants (LSAs), but we’ve also got a team who work mainly with children identified as having special educational needs.

In terms of the site itself, Christ Church has three main school buildings: one accommodates Foundation Stage and Year 1 while the other houses Year 2,3,4, 5 and the third, year 6 and senior teacher offices. Between the two are extensive grounds for the children to play in, a beautiful wooded area, a ‘Place of Peace’ to relax in and a well-established copper beach tree for them to sit under in the shade on hot days.

Our school day starts at 8.50am and ends at 3.10pm for Foundation Stage, 3.15pm for Key Stage 1 and 3.20pm for Key Stage 2.

Clubs and Out-Of-Hours Care

Through FUNdays Club (our contracted provider), we offer an Early Morning Club as well as after-school care. The first morning session starts at 7.30am and after-school provision extends through until 6.00pm.

In addition, the school also offers a range of clubs both during the school day and after school hours which the children can attend. Whilst some are free, others will require a small contribution.

Our Link With the Church

The school enjoys close links with Christ Church itself; indeed, the church is just ‘next door’ beyond the playing field. The whole school goes to church for its end of term services 6 times a year and to celebrate any significant festivals in the Christian calendar.