Can we help?

Is something worrying you? Is someone hurting you?

Sometimes you may have problems outside of school but think that we won’t be interested in them or that we can’t do anything about it. Well, we ARE interested and we CAN help. We are always here for you, so please find one of us to talk to. That can be your teacher, a teaching assistant, Mrs Tudge, Mrs Rutt, a dinner-lady, or one of the lovely people in our school office. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Even if you think your worries are too big or that you may get into trouble if you tell anyone, come to us for help. Sometimes the people or person hurting you might be an adult (or adults) who you know well, but we’ll still support you no matter what.

If you really don’t feel that you can talk to anyone at school about it, it might be easier for you to speak to someone you don’t know. If so, you should call ChildLine. It’s a free helpline for children in the UK. You can phone them on 0800 1111 to talk about any problem – their counsellors are always here to help you sort it out. To find out more about the services offered by Childline, just click here.

If you think you’re being bullied, we can help with that too. Either talk to someone you trust or visit our special website page by clicking here.

Are you being bullied?

We don’t want any children at Christ Church to be bullied. It’s everyone’s right to have a great time at school! Remember that our definition of bullying is:“When one or more people deliberately hurt or cause distress, mentally and/or physically, on a continual basis”.

If you are being bullied you must tell someone. This can be any adult that you trust! Often bullies threaten you and say they will make things worse if you say something, but just remember – the bullying won’t stop if you don’t tell anyone!

You’re incredible, so let’s team up to stop bullying.

Not sure if you’re being bullied? Bullying can take many different forms: people can physically hurt you, they can call you names, and they can also bully you online through websites or by sending you nasty text messages. These are all types of bullying and are really horrible. We want to stop it, but we can’t help unless you tell us.

You can of course call Childline as well. They are there to help too! If that’s not possible, there are some good websites below which offer advice on how to deal with bullying. Click on the following links to find out more information.

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