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Christ Church Church of England (VC) Primary School

Berryfield Road,
Bradford on Avon,
BA15 1ST
Telephone: 01225 863444
Fax: 01225 868283

Please Note: Our telephone system is not working properly and so although it invites you to leave a message we are unable to access them! I am unable to change that front end message either which is very frustrating. Please could I ask that if your child is absent from school you email us on You can still phone in but please hold on to speak to someone and don’t leave a message. The office is manned from 8.00am every morning.

Alternatively, if you are in school dropping siblings off you could just come by the office and let me know. I realise this is very inconvenient and everyone is normally so efficient at leaving messages. We are endeavouring to replace the phone system but I don’t see that happening very quickly so if you could do this until we let you know otherwise that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your patience.


Sarah Jones

School Office:

Absence From School:

Get in touch with our school office through one of the following options:

To report your child’s absence from school, please do one of the following:

Absence From School-Run After School Club:

To report your child’s absence from an after school club, contact Joelle Basconnet-Ward via:

Telephone: Call 01225 863444 and press 2 at any time of the day or night.


Absence From FUNdays Club:

If your child is absent from FUNdays Club, choose one of the following to reach them:

Text or Call: 07874222782


Online: Click here for the FUNdays Club website contact form

Child and Family Support Worker:

You can contact our Child and Family Support Worker via:

Contact: Shella Robinson

Telephone: 01225 863444