Collective Worship

Collective Worship Intent:

 ‘Some seeds fell on good earth and produced a harvest beyond wildest dreams.’ Matthew 13:8

At Christ Church, we aim to provide children with regular, purposeful Collective Worships where we come together and seek to grow the spirituality of the children as individuals and of our inclusive whole school community.


We will provide our pupils with opportunities to learn, to think, discuss and reflect on the teachings of the bible in a respectful and welcoming environment. Our collective worships will also help our pupils gain a greater understanding of the wider implications and applications of the teachings through examples in literature, art, and real life stories and individuals.



Collective worship will be used to grow and develop a reflective attitude in the children to enable them to reflect on their own lives and achievements, whilst considering broader aspects of living within a local and global Christian community to ensure they recognise key events and stories from Christianity and the Church calendar. Opportunity will also be given to reflect on current experiences and local/global themes that influence and impact on the children’s lives and understanding, such as environmental issues and our responsibilities as stewards of the Earth.


Our belief is that the children of Christ Church will flourish through gaining a greater understanding of Christianity and how it informs our school ethos and the values we live by in our every-day lives. We hope that when children leave our school they will have a natural curiosity and confidence to explore their own beliefs and the multi-faith nature of our communities, recognising and appreciating the importance of understanding and respecting the views and beliefs of others.

It is also our aim to develop our pupils’ responsibility and ownership over Collective Worships through opportunities for them to plan, lead and evaluate worships and thus provide a degree of direction that they feel will benefit the school community as a whole and reflect their own beliefs and values.