Science Curriculum Intent



Our curriculum aims to:

  • capture children’s natural curiosity about the world around them;
  • excite children about the awe and wonder in their everyday life and those beyond their grasp;
  • develop a connected knowledge and skills base;
  • enable children to be able to explain natural phenomena.



Our carefully sequenced curriculum aims to:

  • establish in-depth understanding and recall of key concepts;
  • support children to build scientific knowledge (substantive knowledge) in order they can explain and remember facts, models, laws and theories;
  • provide opportunities to develop working scientifically skills (disciplinary knowledge) ensuring they know how scientific knowledge becomes established;
  • ensure there is interplay between substantive and disciplinary knowledge so children not only know the science but they also know the evidence for it and can use this knowledge to work scientifically;
  • develop understanding of scientific enquiry and build connected skills;
  • know and use key technical vocabulary accurately;
  • use technology to support understanding, research and scientific enquiry.



Our holistic, child-centred curriculum aims to:

  • explore a variety of scientists from different backgrounds;
  • consider opportunities for sustainability within science;
  • link science to children’s everyday life;
  • begin to consider ethics in some elements of science.



Our exciting and memorable curriculum aims to:

  • use our outdoor area to support learning and encourage awe and wonder in our immediate area;
  • invite experts and scientists into the school to share their knowledge and passion;
  • enrich children’s experience with a biennial STEM theme week;
  • investigate and make connections with the local area;
  • give opportunities to visit a variety of places such as, museums, farms, arboreta etc.