OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning)


OPAL – Outdoor Play And Learning

What is OPAL?

The Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) Primary Programme is a mentor-supported school improvement programme. The programme supports us in strategically improving the quality of play opportunities for our children and ensuring sustainability.



In September 2023, we began our OPAL journey and we are delighted with the positive impact it is already having on our children.  Our rationale for choosing OPAL was simple – was wanted to make the most of our wonderful school grounds all year round and encourage our children to be energetic, creative and co-operative.  WE also recognised how the pandemic, national lockdowns, and partial school closures had reduced children’s opportunities to socialise with their peers.  Our ethos of developing the whole child puts social interaction at the heart of what we do.  We viewed the OPAL project as a way of redressing the balance and providing children with richer, more meaningful ways of interacting with their peers and ‘catching up’ for lost time.  The development of social skills is crucial in providing children with a positive school experience and we are confident that our children – who now have a more purposeful, enjoyable and rewarding lunchtime experience – are fulfilled throughout every part of the day.  This enables them to be more receptive to learning inside and outside the classroom which fits our long-held belief that happy children learn best.  With this in mind, our mission has to be to ensure that every child experiences a happy playtime every day.

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The Lost Welly

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