Religion and Worldviews


Religion and Worldviews

               Curriculum Intent


At Christ Church, we follow the Wiltshire Agreed Syllabus for Religion and Worldviews. Our RaW teaching involves:

  • Discussing ‘big questions’ through adopting an investigation and enquiry approach
  • Using Understanding Christianity alongside Discovery RE to ensure depth, coverage and progression.



Our intent is that our teaching of Religion and Worldviews will:

  • Develop and deepen pupil’s knowledge and understanding of, the beliefs and practices of Christians and people of other principal world religions, and non-religious world views
  • Enable pupils to explain how beliefs and practices can inform and change the way people see the world and the way they live and treat others.
  • Help pupils to gain an understanding of the similarities and differences held within a religion or worldview and across beliefs and practices that people hold
  • Equip pupils to be sensitive to others’ beliefs, able to express their own developing views well, show curiosity and have the skills to ask appropriate questions when meeting people different to themselves.


We aim to excite and motivate the pupils through experiential learning involving:

  • Theme days and weeks to embed current and previous learning
  • Visits and communication with religious people and those with other worldviews to make comparisons between what is learnt and what is the ‘lived reality’
  • Visits to places of worship and religious interest to enhance learning
  • Carrying out activities which explore religious celebrations and festivals to retain knowledge and enrich learning.