Geography at Christ Church

Together, we will explore the relationship and interaction between people and the environments in which they live and upon which they and all life on Earth depends.


Our interconnected curriculum aims to:

  • Explore ‘big questions’ through an enquiry approach.
  • Be logical, relevant, broad and balanced in terms of the areas of subject content we have selected which reflect the guidance of and corresponds with the demands of the National Curriculum.
  • Build upon the provision for geography established in the Early Years Foundation Stage and in particular that which addresses the knowledge and skills expectations in Understanding the World.
  • Provide opportunities for our children to acquire long-lasting knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  • Maintain relevancy and topicality through including enquiries that engage pupils in studying issues such as climate change, flooding and trade.


Our intent is to:

  • Enable children to develop an in-depth knowledge of our community and locality.
  • Help children to appreciate our local area and encourage stewardship of their surroundings.
  • Support children to understand other people and cultures.
  • Shape our pupils into curious and accountable global citizens, understanding their role in protecting our world and environment.


We aim to extend Geography beyond the walls of classroom by:

  • Carrying out fieldwork to explore our community and local area as well as further afield.