Are You Being Bullied?

We don't want any children at Christ Church to be bullied. It's everyone's right to have a great time at school! Remember that our definition of bullying is:"When one or more people deliberately hurt or cause distress, mentally and/or physically, on a continual basis".

If you are being bullied you must tell someone. This can be any adult that you trust! Often bullies threaten you and say they will make things worse if you say something, but just remember - the bullying won't stop if you don't tell anyone!

You're incredible, so let's team up to stop bullying.

Not sure if you're being bullied? Bullying can take many different forms: people can physically hurt you, they can call you names, and they can also bully you online through websites or by sending you nasty text messages. These are all types of bullying and are really horrible. We want to stop it, but we can't help unless you tell us.

You can of course call Childline as well. They are there to help too! If that's not possible, there are some good websites below which offer advice on how to deal with bullying. Click on the following links to find out more information.

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