Our inclusive curriculum aims to:

…strengthen and embody the belief that art is a valuable way of communicating with the world and of expressing thoughts and feelings. Through our art curriculum we intend to stimulate creativity and inventiveness whilst giving children unique opportunities to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.




Our carefully sequenced, balanced, interconnected curriculum aims to:

…set out a knowledge and skills based curriculum to ensure that all children feel confident to try out new ideas, knowing that their efforts will be valued. Art builds resilience through experimentation. By working on previously leant skills children will develop an understanding of the techniques which they can use to express their ideas, emotions and thoughts. In both creating and talking about art children will enhance their language skills and become reflective and curious in their learning.


Our holistic, child-centred curriculum aims to:

…take inspiration from other artists and makers showing children how art is a way of documenting and preserving history. Art tells a story about society and culture, and shows us different perspectives on the world we live in. Through sharing and talking about art work we aim to show the children how to respect other ways of working and thinking. We firmly believe in the value of art as a way of giving children the space they need to follow their own ideas and to allow their own individuality to shine through.



Our exciting, memorable curriculum aims to:

…show that art is a way of celebrating our wonderful young people. As such we intend to display work, for everyone to share, throughout the school.  By inviting in local artists and holding themed Art Days we will encourage children to see art as part of the whole community and as an important part of their everyday lives.