Our Christ Church Beech Tree

In the middle of our beautiful school grounds stands the majestic and magnificent beech tree.  This tree is very special to all people connected with Christ Church CE Primary School.  Traditionally the beech tree is called the `Queen of the Mother of the Woods’ sharing a place of honour with the Oak tree which is known as the King.

Symbolism of the Beech Tree

The beech tree is considered to be protective and nurturing, giving shade with its canopy. The beech tree signifies crossing a threshold that is challenging you, gaining experience from the unknown, seeking revelation and increasing your knowledge.

The beech tree is also considered to be one of the few truly holy trees in the wood.  It is said that prayers uttered under a beech tree go straight to Heaven.  Shavings and fragments of the beech tree were once carried as good luck charms and were believed to increase creative energy.

The beech tree has a strong association with knowledge, wisdom and writing as well as the communication and preservation of art, ideas and cultural material. The thin leaves of beech wood are said to have been bound together to form the first book. The beech tree indicates guidance from the past, to gain insight which protects and provides a solid base upon which all relies.

Ultimately the beech tree reminds us of the importance of learning and of the need to preserve our knowledge in writing for the benefit of generations to come.  Rooted in the knowledge of the ancients and sustained by the ideas of the present, we will continue to learn, grow and flourish, to fulfil our true potential and to reach for the stars.