• At Christ Church, we understand how important being active is to all pupils.
  • Providing a broad and accessible range of activities for children to engage in throughout their primary school journey will promote a healthy lifestyle and have a positive impact on both emotional and physical well-being.


  • Our curriculum aims to give opportunities in a variety of skills and games. In Early years, children are given guidance on learning the basics: movement, balance, coordination, flexibility and agility.
  • As they move through the school, they discover cooperative and competitive activities while mastering the key skills in an extensive variety of sports:
  • Athletics, dance, gymnastics, football, hockey, rugby, netball, basketball, handball, swimming, cricket, rounders, frisbee and tennis.


  • An extensive and engaging program of study will inspire all children to take part in activity and shape positive attitudes towards health and fitness.
  • Moreover, we value choice for children to lead their own activities during break and lunchtimes, as well as providing a range of fun opportunities for inter house and local school competitions for children to capture their sporting passions and flourish in a wider context.

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