School Dinners


The school provides universal free school meals for children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, however we would ask that if you think that your child would still be eligible for free school meals, you contact the office as the school receives additional funding to support the education of all children who are eligible, but we need you to apply.  Parents and carers of children in Key Stage 2 need to apply as a matter of course and you can find out more about free school meals by clicking on the related link.

Your child has the choice of bringing their own packed lunch to school or having a hot school dinner. Arrangements can alter on a daily basis as long as meals are paid for on the day that they are taken, or in advance. Hot school dinners are served each day in one of our school halls, with packed lunches being eaten in our other school hall.

Meals are provided by Sodexo at a cost £2.20 for children. Payment must be made in advance or on the morning that the meal is required. If you know that your child is going to have dinners on regular days throughout the term, please consider paying in advance. If you child is absent for any reason during that time, that amount will be credited to your account. If you wish to pay by cheque, cheques should be made payable to ‘Sodexo’.

If your child eats school dinners on a regular basis, use our Ready Reckonor to help you work out how much you need to pay.

As well as paying in advance, dinner money can be given to the children to hand over in class when the dinner register is taken. Alternatively, you can place your payment in the locked box on the wall in the kitchen, which is provided by Sodexo. The payment should be in a sealed envelope and clearly marked with your child’s name and class as well as the amount enclosed.

Please note that failure to make a payment will result in the school meal not being served.

You can find out more information about Sodexo from their website by following the related link.

Free School Meals