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We now have a handout on the Fortnite video game for parents/carers to read. This will discuss what they need to know about the product and any potential risks that are involved.

What Parents Need to Know About Fortnite: Battle Royale

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There’s a lot of publicity these days about internet safety; it’s a powerful tool and offers many benefits, but it must also be used responsibly. At Christ Church we teach your children about the positives of the internet whilst putting great emphasis on how to use it safely and the threats it can pose if they do not. There are strict guidelines in place to ensure their well-being that are constantly reinforced, and the reasons for them are clearly explained (in fact, you can see them for yourself by clicking here read our Online Safety Policy). Additionally, we organise information evenings for parents/carers during the course of each academic year to help raise awareness of what you are able to do at home to help keep your children safe. We have posted a collection of useful links below for the same reason.

Furthermore, we would remind parents and carers that they too must be reasonable and responsible in the way they use photographs that they take of their children (and, inevitably, others) when attending school events. This is especially true if you decide to publish such photos on social media sites.

If you need help or have queries and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Advice for Keeping Your Children Safe Online

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