Eco council


β€˜The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.’ -Robert Swan


Our intent for the children at Christ Church is to improve their understanding of how to live in, and be part of, a sustainable world. We aim to help them grow into responsible citizens caring for both our species and habitats, making positive changes that will benefit our ecosystems for years to come.

The children in the Eco Council take great responsibility in leading initiatives and events across the school, helping to achieve positive outcomes for both the local and wider environment. Following the undertaking of a whole school environmental review, the children make informed choices of where their efforts will be most impactful, taking a hands-on approach to achieving their aims and encouraging their peers to do the same.


Bioidversity at Christ Church

As part of our biodiversity work towards earning the Eco Schools Green Flag Award this year, we decided to find out more about the species that grow in our school grounds. We created documents to share facts about some of the tree species at Christ Church, which can be found below.

When you next visit our school, look out for QR codes attached to some of our trees; scanning them will take you to the information about that particular species!

Ash Trees

Beech Trees

Cherry Blossoms

Silver birch

Walnut trees