Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

We are Willow Class (taught by Mrs Adams) and Alder Class (taught by Miss Howick and Mrs Giles). Our wonderful LSAs are Mrs Kielb and Mrs Spiller!

Year 4 is an exciting time in your primary school journey, full of fascinating topics and projects for us to get stuck into! We are here to help you along the way, as you learn more about the world around you and participate in lots of experiences to enrich your school year.

On this page, we will regularly share photos and news of our learning in school, as well as important information including spelling lists and curriculum newsletters.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


For information about how we teach times tables at Christ Church, please see: Christ Church times tables parent info

Term 4 learning

This term, we will be building on previous learning about British History to find out all about the Anglo-Saxons – how and why they came to Britain, how they lived, and who some of their most significant figures were – in order to answer our big question, ‘Did the settlement by the Anglo-Saxons make England a better or worse place to live?’. We will read the text Winter of the Wolves by Tony Bradman to inspire us to write a diary entry and newspaper article set in the Anglo-Saxon era, and in Art we will be developing our skills in papier mache sculpture to make Anglo-Saxon inspired helmets and brooches.

In Maths, we will be consolidating our understanding of fractions from Year 3 before moving on to explore fractions greater than one whole, which we will learn to express as mixed numbers or improper fractions. We will also be continuing our times table journey, mastering our 4 and 6 times tables! In Computing, we are learning about networks and the internet by considering the different systems that keep our technology at school working smoothly. In DT, we will be exploring mechanisms and considering how to reduce air resistance in order to create slingshot cars, finishing up with a contest to see whose car can travel the furthest!

Our learning in RaW will focus on Islam as we consider some significant individuals that are important to Muslims, and in PSHEE we will be exploring how to keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy, including beginning to understand the impact that smoking and alcohol can have on our bodies.

Anglo Saxons song!

We have been practising this Anglo-Saxons song in class. Here is a link to the video and the words so that you can practise at home!

We work the fields and sow the crops
We’ve got great craft skills too.
Wood, metal, glass, pottery and gold
We’re proud of all we do.

Anglo-Saxons! We’re strong and brave and true!
Anglo-Saxons! Work hard in all we do!

Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands
These were once our homes.
Until we sailed across the sea
And to ‘Angle-land’ did roam!

Anglo-Saxons! We’re strong and brave and true!
Anglo-Saxons! Work hard in all we do!

We weave the cloth, prepare the meals
Make cheese and brew the ale.

We learn to hunt and use the spear
And how to fish and sail.

Anglo-Saxons! We’re strong and brave and true!
Anglo-Saxons! Work hard in all we do!

We love to gather round the fire
On dark and stormy nights
And sing and hear exciting tales
Of great heroic fights!

Anglo-Saxons! We’re strong and brave and true!
Anglo-Saxons! Work hard in all we do!

Anglo-Saxons! We’re strong and brave and true!
Anglo-Saxons! Work hard in all we do!

Science workshop with students from Bath Uni!

In Week 5, we were very lucky to have some chemistry students from Bath University come to our classrooms, bringing with them test tubes, pipettes, aprons and lots of substances for us to test. We were challenged to use an indicator to find out if they were acids or bases, and to solve the mystery of a contaminated river!

We loved seeing how the substances changed colour in the indicator, and getting our hands on lots of exciting equipment. Thank you, Bath Uni!


Term 3 Art - all about perspective!

We have been learning about perspective in art. We looked at some photos to identify perspective lines, the horizon and the vanishing point. Then, we looked carefully and worked with a lot of focus to produce these wonderful pictures. We hope you enjoy them!



Our Term 2 learning - Sustainability

In Term 2, we learned about Sustainability and what we can do to live more sustainably. We loved finding out about what the RSPB are doing to protect the beautiful lapwing and produced these fantastic reports. We hope you enjoy them!

In Art, we loved reading the book The Wild Robot and using our understanding of tints, shades and tones to make these monochrome pictures.

Look at our amazing artwork!

In Term 1, we looked at the work of artist Favianna Rodriguez to inspire our own artwork, that combined printing and collage to create big, colourful social justice posters. We thought carefully about which issues we cared about, and which images would represent them best. We hope you like them!