Reading at Christ Church

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”

Together, we aim to provide the valuable and life- affirming gift of reading to every child. We feel that all children deserve the right to be fluent readers and are given the platform, in a supportive and enriching environment, to explore and appreciate the world of books.


We realise that children will have better opportunities in life, and have a greater wealth of experience if they are taught to read fluently, with clarity and confidence, as early as possible.

Through a structured approach to the teaching of phonics in order to decode, children will quickly adopt strategies to increase their speed and accuracy and build a solid linguistic knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

We recognise the importance of parents and carers in supporting their children on this vital journey as we seek to work in partnership, empowering all parties to understand and enhance the skills being taught in school. This is achieved through the reading and sharing of high quality texts, chosen by teachers who are motivated and inspired by the power of the written word.


During their time at Christ Church school our children develop a love of reading through access to a wide, rich and varied canon of texts which represent the diversity and difference of our world. Our passion for the magic that stories can bring will open up a treasure house of wonder and joy, a treasure house into which no child should be denied access.

Through exciting and memorable experiences we give the children the chance to flourish.

Reading is a lifelong journey that Christ Church wholly embraces. We recognise the fact that reading is something to celebrate. So, through things like author visits, regular trips to the library, year group reading mix ups, whole-school-  reading challenges and fund raising projects, we instil the notion that reading is an active and collaborative past-time that is shared and enjoyed with others.

Through reading, children will learn how to empathise with others as they inhabit, through imaginative thought and creative thinking, the manifold worlds that can be entered and explored through the simple and powerful act of turning the pages of a book.