Our inclusive curriculum aims to:

Work collaboratively to analyse texts and examples so that children may understand the purpose and context of what they are writing.

Begin with genre examples and a rich variety of wider literature to inspire as well as support them.

Use effective and robust writing interventions to ensure that everyone can succeed in their writing learning.

Ensure that writing from all pupils is celebrated beyond the classroom.


Our carefully sequenced, balanced, interconnected curriculum aims to:

Create technical confidence in transcription, grammar and spelling as well as develop creativity, originality and flair.

Establish building blocks of effective transcription through high quality phonics, spelling and handwriting teaching.

Use genre examples so that children are clear on the purpose and context of writing.

Model how planning, revision and evaluation of writing are key to creativity of composition.

Make connections with children’s reading to widen and apply a wide vocabulary to their writing.


Our holistic, child-centred curriculum aims to:

Empower and inspire children to develop their own ideas.

Use inspiring and varied texts to build connections and instigate our own writing, developing awareness of different genres and styles and engaging with other cultures and viewpoints.

Apply writing skills across the whole curriculum

Recognise, promote and celebrate the use of writing as a means to hone in on children’s interests and passions as well as way in which they can effectively articulate and communicate their ideas and emotions.




Our exciting, memorable curriculum aims to:

Set high expectations through the use of high-quality texts as examples to support and inspire.

Ensure that children have the necessary writing skills and confidence so that they may communicate effectively and become engaged and proactive citizens of the world.

Give a range of wider opportunities to inspire children’s writing.

To give pupils opportunities to polish, present and share their work so that they may look back on their writing with pride and joy.